LOWE: Stockholm – Milano…Swedish pop-noir vibrations…

It ‘s a rainy June day in Milan, the sky is full of gray clouds and the static electricity is palpable not only outside but also inside me. It happens every time I face something “exciting” and now I have a telephone date with Tobias of LOWE group from Sweden! It’s incredible… Lo Specchio has also reached  Stockholm, in the northern Europe, proving that music truly knows no boundaries.

logo_lowe_white-300x85are a Swedish synthpop group formed in 2002 and composed by Leo Josefsson (vocals / guitar), Rickard Gunnarson (bass) and Mehdi Bagherzadeh (keyboards), that in 2009 has been replaced by Tobias Ersson (synthesizers and computers). They released two albums and they are completing the third that will be called EVOLVER.

The phone rings and from the first words I am already talking with an extremely friendly and kind guy. After the ritual question “How are you?” immediately in a perfect “Italian style” I took the question “What’s the weather ‘in Sweden ?“… Tobias let me know that there are 20 degrees and is sunny in Stockholm and  looking  out of my office window I see that the sky that does not want to stop spill water …
But it’s time to start the interview …

Each interview for Lo Specchio,  always begin from the name of a band. What’s the meaning of LOWE ? Tobias replied that Lowe is a combination of LOVE AND LOW…Simple and effective, I think…I am always glad and curious to know from where is coming every “fabric” that wear a “musical dress”. I believe it’s fundamental to understand many aspects of a project, a work, a musical style.

Well…The ice is broken now, and I could let go on with the second question.

Listening to your music,   lot of inspiration comes from bands like Depeche Mode, it’s correct ?...

” it is true in part…”

What are the other artists that influence your production? lowe_promo_mirage2-300x205
“It ‘s different every time,”  says Tobias that for the Lowe is also the producer: “For me, for example… I like Skinny Puppy or a danish band called Mew, that is a rock and roll band. Rickard (the bass man) like Iamx, Nine Inch Nails … We listen mostly the same music but also different kinds and in the end it’s a combination of genres that we love”.

I read that the style of your music is called” pop noir “, can you explain what exactly does this mean?

Tobias laughs … “Sure! It’s something that we mostly have created, is a genre that does not fall into other genres … it’s pop but it is also somewhat of ” mystical ” because it comes out from the fees of meanstream pop” …

Although, of course, your style is synthpop … what kind of attention receives synthpop music in Sweden?

“The focus for this music is higher in the European countries where we played a lot, is greater than in Sweden where it don’t represents the biggest market we have but is somewhat large, it is not the music that is transmitted by radio, of course, there are bands like New Order but I think the interest is not as in Germany, England … I think we should work a lot but now the radio starts to transmit in Sweden so something is changing … “

With regard to your production, you made three albums and the fourth is coming

Tobias correct me and precise: “Currently we made two albums plus an album of remixes, we are working on the third, that will be called EVOLVER and will be realised in October and distributed by AUDIOGLOBE in Italy,  where we’ll come to play … we worked out arrangements to play with an Italian band, probably in autumn but I do not know more details … “

lowe_promo_mirage1-300x205What are the differences between the first and the last production of LOWE?

“So… we worked previously as a band-style synthpop using computer programs … For this new album we’re working more in the style of a band at the level of common emotions in songs, such as in live… recording together… then I believe that there are big differences in this album … we try to grab emotions directly from the stage … we making the songs separately, from time to time, we started making one song each month, is also an experiment for us … it’s interesting, progressively ….”

I ask to Tobias about the themes that makes the songs of EVOLVER
“Does not change much from previous works in the sense that the love and the feeling of LOWE also continue to influence this work, we have added new influences, but does not change crabs at the level of vibration… is always in style of emotions LOWE ….”

I express my great curiosity to hear the new album, of course when it is ready, and Tobias tells me for sure … he has  the willingness, enthusiasm and patience in listening to my “emotional English “reassures me, makes me feel at ease …  there is an atmosphere of total relax and naturalness, that confirms my first good impressions gut … LOWE project and the previous, are interesting reflections that will shine once again the light of Lo Specchio …

I try to investigate what means a concert LOWE… Tobias answer that for sure who attends a concert LOWE can expect fun, energy, emotion, even though each concert is different from another … “Sometimes we use more battery sometimes more electronics … in Stockholm, for example, we did a concert that was a kind of experiment, certainly different from the previous one in Turkey of last December … it is a continuous change from time to time and is difficult to explain exactly what comes to the public but certainly energy, fun, excitement “… he makes me understand that obviously there is only one way to know exactly how it is: be there! And indeed, I surely will be there.

Always in the style of the typical questions of Lo Specchio, I also ask him about such groups they would be willing supporters … Tobias replied that “Depeche Mode would say almost obvious but also Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Pet Shop Boys. .. “

I express one last little request, asking to Tobias to say something to the readers of Lo Specchio in the end of this pleasant chat and he promptly answer  “LOWE LOVES YOU !”…

I close the call with the promise of a new interview with perhaps less emotion, (but I doubt!) when the album, EVOLVER, will be ready and I’ll have the pleasure of listening and be part of the emotion of a concert because as  Tobias says, in the autumn they will start the promotional tour also in Italy and they’ll share the stage with an italian band but … I don’t want to reveal more about this… leaving a little mistery … I can only tell you that it will be an appointment that certainly you couldn’t have to miss!

Thank you to Tobias Ersson, LOWE and Claes Nordling…we will await you soon in Italy!
Foto by Julia Gekhman

Sorry if the english translation is not excellent but I hope you can enjoy it.
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